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It’s me. Kiondra.

I am a designer and general creative dork in Portland.


I have a six year background specializing in web design, brand identity, and graphic design.

Basically, if you want it to look good, I’m your girl.

I’ve been a visual/creative person since as long as I can remember, and have been using Photoshop since I was a teenager. In the early 2000’s I started learning code by hacking MySpace to display my information however I saw fit. This eventually led to a lot of paid work for new and small businesses.

Since then my skillset has grown and my process and strategy behind every project has been refined. I really enjoy putting both the analytical and creative parts of my brain to use, so UX and data-driven decisions are incorporated into everything I do.

…because lets face it, a pretty face with no brains really isn’t that neat.


Some neat facts about me: I’m an INTJ (0.8% of females are this type), I have 3 Kitlers (cats with ‘hitler’ mustaches), and I’m a licensed Cosmetologist with a focus in Hair Design (never worked doing it, go figure.).


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