Rose City Vintage

Case Study

The Challenge

Update the identity of the brand and create a digital user experience that matches the modern yet vintage vibe the brand wanted to portray.

The Outcome

A new logo, ecommerce site and social marketing materials to reflect a playful, chic vibe for everyday women who are looking for affordable, stylish vintage and vintage-inspired fashion.

Scope Of Project

Branding and Identity Design
Web Design and Development
Email Templates

Brand Definition

Defining the brand gives us a sort of filter for all other decisions to be based.

Brand attributes: friendly, quirky, budget-conscious relaxed, classy

Rose City Vintage proves a curated selection of vintage and vintage-inspired clothing for budget-concsious women looking for stylish pieces at affordable prices in a fun, playful environment.

Rose City Vintage is:

Modern Vintage

responsive web mockup image


Once the creative tone was set, I worked on a logo that would fall into the ‘Modern Vintage’ aesthetic. Something not too feminine or masculine, too dated or too trendy.

I chose a serif font that was reminiscent of the classics, but with a modern twist. Rose City was stylized as one word to bring everything togethat and an alternate version was also created for times the stacked logo won’t work



Light, neutral colors were chosen to keep within a classic modern aesthetic with a pop of color for CTA’s and other items that need to grab attention.


Web Design

I used a mobile first approach when doing the mockup, so opted for a centered logo with search on the left and account links on the right. This would scale seamlessly to mobile and would not confuse the user if they switch devices.  Full-width imagery is used to showcase products and style inspirations.


Web Development

The default Magento responsive theme was used as the base them since it followed most ecommerce best practices for layout, user flow, and design. I then tweaked it and altered the design to match the design/style that I created.

The website scales fluidly between mobile, tablet, and deskop.


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