Farmer’s Market Foods grow the best fruits and vegetables organically, so that you can take home food that is good for you and good for the world.

The Challenge

Farmer’s Market Foods had a non-responsive, old website WordPress website that was desperately in need of a mobil-friendly, fresh new look that would allow for continued growth. The new site needed to be easy to use for the company, team, and the users and allow for more engagement with recipes. The new site also needed to focus on improving speed since their current site was very sluggish and slow.

The Solution

Using Farmer’s Market Feeds current logo, typefaces, and color palette, we created an engaging design that focused heavily on content. I then developed a custom WordPress website that was easy for Farmer’s Market Foods and their team to update, and for users to find, rate, and comment on recipes. We then focused on optimizations for page speed and cut the loading time of the website by 60%.



Website Design

Responsive, front-end web development (HTML, CSS + JavaScript)

WordPress Development


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