My Big Fat Low Carb Life

responsive web mockup image

Logo Development

Requirements: Create a fun, modern logo for a low carb food blog, primarily geared towards women who want to stay healthy and love the Low Carb lifestyle.


After settling on a logo, a bright and playful color pallet was used to convey the ‘fun, easy’ nature of the brand.  Colors, styles, and patterns were also created that can be used throughout the site and social media.

Website Mockup

After establishing the identity, I worked on a web design mockup for the blog home page. I knew I would be using WordPress for this, and decided on a traditional blog layout with newest posts appearing first, with other important info on the right hand side.

Responsive Web Design

WordPress will be used with a traditional blog layout with many recipe/food oriented plugins. The site will be fully responsive and scale fluidly between mobile, tablet, and deskop


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