Portland Boulder Rally

Portland Boulder Rally is the largest single day Bouldering Competition in the nation. They wanted their current site updated into a platform they they could manage themselves so they did not need to pay a developer to make simple text changes.

They asked that the general design stay the same and wanted to keep their current SEO in tact.

The site has a lot of information on current and past events, including videos, image galleries, and contestant info, all that would need to be moved to the new site.

Responsive Web Design

I integrated the current aesthetic into a fully responsive, custom WordPress theme while making it just a bit more modern. I brought all content over to the WordPress site and full width sliders were added to showcase some of the fantastic event photography while still keeping true to the existing design.

The site adapts fluidly depending on the device being used, and best of all, every aspect of the site can be changed by the
person maintaining/updating the site without having to know any code.

The SEO and links were kept in tact and some updated optimization techniques were implemented.


responsive web mockup image
We’ve had nothing but positive feedback. It’s really something to be proud of and I actually enjoy directing people [to the site]. Good thing, because it’s the main source for registration, tickets, and the live stream!
Kiondra did a wonderful job.
Chloe M.

Owner, Mandell Experiences

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